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Refined Sesame Oil                                                                         Refined Rice Bran Oil

Countless study and reports concern the negative effects of fats and oils consumption. But we know that fats are essential dietary components. Vegetable oils are the source of essential fatty acids. Essential Fatty acids are those fatty acids which the body cannot synthesize and need to be supplied through diet. Rice Bran Oil is one of the vegetable oils which give essential fatty acid to our body. Rice Bran is a byproduct, obtained from outer layers of the brown (husk) rice kernel during milling to produce polished rice. Rice Bran that was earlier used primarily as animal feed, is now finding major application in the form of rice bran oil. Since 1930, the use of RBO as edible oil has increased, particularly in japan, where it is popularly known as “HEART OIL” as it keeps plasma cholesterol at low level and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Sesame seeds, which are known by the scientific name Sesamum indicum are small black and yellowish brown seeds that are primarily found in Africa, but they also grow in smaller numbers on the Indian subcontinent Sesame oil is highly nourishing, healing and lubricating. Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds. It is often used as a flavor enhancer in Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Korean, and Southeast Asian cuisine .Sesame oil from brown or white sesame seeds contains more tocopherol than sesame oils in black sesame seed. It is one of the edible oils that is lesser known vegetable oils, but is in fact one of the healthiest alternatives to normal vegetable oil options.