Effective management of a city is the prerequisite of any success in implementing developmental programs for improving the welfare of the citizens in urban areas, Macro-city of Tehran especially.

One of the basic solutions which have an undeniable effect on the efficiency of Tehran’s management is the development of modern and centralized distribution systems in the form of chain stores. This group of modern distribution centers enjoys wide variety of economic and social advantages which include:

  • Reduction of distribution expenses

  • Provision of cost-effective goods

  • High precision in quality control

  • Saving the customers’ time

  • Reducing traffic

  • Reducing environment pollution

  • Easy control on retail sector performance

Accordingly, thoughts and necessity of establishing Shahrvand chain stores came into minds of the decision-makers in Tehran municipality as administrators of offering desirable urban services. Consequently, Shahrvand Commodity Service Company established the first chain store named Beihaghi Chain Store at Arjantine Square in 1994.

The year of establishment of Shahrvand Commodity Service Company: 1994

Field of activity: Offering and provision of goods and necessities of the citizens

Name of the first store: Beihaghi in Arjantine square

The number of branches in Tehran: 35

49000 square meters of sale area and 60 million customers in a year

More than 5000 personnel both in staff and executive sector

Area of activity: Tehran (No limitation for work in other cities or abroad)

Tivan Tejarat Alborz Co has been offering its goods to more than 24 Shahrvand branches throughout Tehran for 10 years.

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