The major goods and services currently offered by the company fall into three categories:
1. Environmental and individual hygiene
2. Food and dietary supplements
3. Consulting and marketing services

Environmental and Individual Hygiene

In this area, the company has started offering different high-quality brands of washing and cleaning products including washing machine powders and pills, environmental and vegetable disinfectants, medical gels for men, women and infants
,as well as environmental hygiene accessories and consumables (such as rags and disposable tablecloths, etc.).

Food/ Vegetable Oils

In this regard, entering the field of food the company has first identified and dealt with reputable suppliers and then started offering edible and frying vegetable oils (e.g. sesame and rice bran). With regard to its set plans and goals, the company will expand the number of such items in the future.

Consulting and Marketing Services

Based on the experiences gained and its sophisticated human resources in the field of trade and supplying goods, and according to the existing and future needs and requirements, the company has started defining various research projects and is ready to give advice and share experience in this regard.

Future Plans

Given the organizational experience, skill and knowledge gained, the company has put into its future programs the developmental programs (product and market) including entering new markets through introducing new and diverse products, and expanding the current markets.